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Searching for Better Weebly Designs?

Now that you found Weebly – what’s next?  You can build a website quickly and easily, but making your website design beautiful and professional is a challenge.

We are Weebly design experts, and we can add help you with your website design.

All great websites start with great designs!

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“The future belongs to enablers like Weebly and DivTag Templates. Actually not the future, the present. Excellent products, super affordable if not free, and great customer service. Jeremy and Connie at DivTag Templates are Superstars. Give them a go. You won’t be sorry.” — Denna Jones, Writer, Contributing Editor COVER

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We can help enable your website to stand OUT from the crowd, all without you having to know how to code.

What we Believe in:

You should have a fair opportunity to create a beautiful and professional website, all without knowing HTML or CSS codes.  This is why we’ve already invested our time to do all the hard work for you, so you don’t have to.

What we DO NOT Believe in:

You should NOT have to struggle with technical headaches, design brain-freezes, and battle slow and poor customer support just to build a website.  It really shouldn’t be that hard.

Your customer service is amazing as well as the sites. I understand how frustrating it must be to have non developers asking questions! Thanks again, you have been amazing, your videos, service and sites. BRILLIANT!”  Aron Johnston, Umarketeers


You can even “Test Drive” our free template to see how it works

Talk is cheap! What better way to get to know experience us by trying a DivTag template for FREE!

This is exactly why we are offering you a risk-free, free trial of our FUNK theme.  Test it and see for yourself how simple it is to set up.  Just keep in mind that our free theme has only a fraction of the cool features of our other Premium Templates.

The FUNK is our gift to you for just trying us out!  If you want a template that is jammed pack with awesome features and functionality, we have more than 20 templates here for you.  We add to our collection of templates every month so you will always find a design that fits your needs!

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“I love using DivTag Templates! As a freelance graphic designer, they allow me to bring a level of professionalism to my clients that I haven’t found anywhere else. They are incredibly easy to use which helps me focus on getting the design customized so my clients are happy!  On top of it all, the technical support has been above and beyond my expectations. I’m thrilled to have DivTag as one of my favorite tools in my toolbox.” — Kris Jones, Creative Director, Red Door Designs

In addition to being Weebly Design Experts, we are also Customer Support Fanatics!

You may think – “Sure thing, easy for you to say”.  Fair enough.  But don’t just take our word for it…. Click here to see what Weebly users have created and are saying

Also, at the bottom of each of our product pages, you can see real customer questions, real feedback and real responses from us.

Weebly Templates

“Ok so a lot of Weebly users experienced successes with you, but how can you support me?”

Each and every one of our templates, plugins and splash pages have its own Preview example that’s built for and works with Weebly

You can see first hand how it works and what it looks like in Weebly.  The real thing.

weebly templates

Installation guides tailored to Non-Techies

Each of our templates and add-on’s comes with comprehensive installation guides that are written in non-geek language so you can understand them.  Our installation guides include instructions in videos, text and screenshots, that are always being updated and improved based on customer feedback.

Want proof?  Have a look at our Backstage Guide and you will see how it works.

How It Works

Rich Knowledge Base Wiki to support you 24/7

DivTag Wiki is a rich source of information with an abundance amount of support for you.  Simply type in your question in the search bar and the relevant solution will instantly show up.  DivTag Wiki is an online pool of knowledge from us – it does not rest, and will always there for you, 24/7.

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Real Customer Support by Real People

Struggling to find the answers to your questions? Just email us.  We answer all support emails ourselves, all within 24 hours.  Why?  Because we want to – Strange concept huh.  We told you, we’re Customer Support Fanatics.  We’re real, and we’re here to make Weebly design easier for you.

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“I think you guys do a real bang-up job. Absolutely gorgeous templates with a lot of options. Customer service has always been top-notch and I can tell you spend a lot of time on your work.” —  Justin Prime, JP Custom Apparel

How nuts are we?!

Well… let’s just say we created more than 60 Free Weebly video tutorials on YouTube that’s been watched for over 190,000 times.  Most people have no idea how long it takes to prepare and produce 1 single video.  We’ve invested in over 10,000 hours of our own time with Weebly and we are now passing this knowledge over to you – all for free, so you don’t have to go through the troubles like we did.  Yup… we’re nuts.

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So who’s “us”?

“We” are Connie and Jeremy! Like you, we discovered Weebly when we wanted to build our own website but quickly became frustrated when we were not able to find great designs for our Weebly website.

You see at first, we did not have any programming skills at all (it’s true!), and when we did find some templates, either they were mostly “average” in terms of design, they were not compatible with Weebly, or their installation instructions were not easy to follow. So we’ve been through the pains and struggles.

This is why we decided to “scratch our own itch” and create templates, plugins and splash pages that are made for people with a passion for great design but have limited or no technical background.  We want to inspire someone like you, that having a beautiful website design IS possible, and within your reach. So, we learned how to code and built everything from grounds up. Talk about Zero-to-Geek!

We are based in the beautiful city of Vancouver, Canada and have lived abroad for a number of years. We are a very lean (just the 2 of us) and passionate company and we answer every single support email ourselves. We believe in providing top notch customer service, not only because it allows us to directly tune into your questions and suggestions so we can continually improve, but simply because our customers deserve it after they put their trust in us.

If you’re nosey (like us), here’s a more fulsome background story on the both of us.

We have already done the hard part (spending over 10,000 hours studying and working on Weebly, learning how to create great designs that are easy to install and edit, producing free Weebly tutorials for you). So what are you waiting for?

Our 3 Promises to You


Like all of our loyal and successful customers, you can also have a rockstar website design


No – You do not need to know how to code HTML and CSS


We will relentlessly support you.  Great customer service is everything to us

“I have been in Marketing and Business Management for over 20 years, and I’ve dealt with, and even managed, Customer Service departments. I’m confident in saying that DivTag Templates, specifically Jeremy and Connie, are one of the best customer-oriented people that I’ve ever dealt with. You guys don’t just answer questions, but you do so clearly (as in for-idiots language), promptly, and in great detail. You go out of your way to provide more than just an answer, you seem to want to take the initiative to provide a SOLUTION, rather than just a quick answer. I don’t know anything about you, but I do know enough to say that you have the right human tools to be successful.” — Art Juan, Founder, 8P Consulting LLC