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Icons are like accessories for your website. It helps to complete your website’s design. While custom icons are great, but not everyone has the time and skills to create great looking icons. The alternative is to find pre-made icons that suits your need.

These are some icons sources that we use and find useful in our website designs. It’s great to use pre-made icons as it saves you a lot of time, and you can get professional icons at a very low price or even for free. You don’t have to be a whiz with Photoshop or Illustrator to have beautiful icons on your website!



Shutterstock stockphoto reviewWe use Shutterstock a lot for our icons. They have a very comprehensive collection of icons with very high graphic resolutions. You will find some of Shutterstock icons in our website.

Bigstock Photo ReviewBigstock has a great collection of icons, particularly e-commerce icons. Although it does not have as big of an icon library as the other sites, you will find some high quality icons at very cheap prices. Free icons tend to have limitations such as sizes and resolutions. With purchased icons, the resolutions are generally much better.


Weebly TemplatesFindIcons is one of our favorite free icon websites. It has a decent collection of icons, and what sets them apart is their search function. It makes searching for icons super easy and fast. One downside is that the resolutions of icons only go up to 256px. So depending on your website, this may not be sufficient for your needs.


Weebly TemplatesIconFinder allows you to search for millions of free icons. It has one of the best collection of commonly used icons and some very interesting ones as well. The downside is that the search function in IconFinder is not great, so you may need to browse around a bit longer to find the icons you need.