DivTag Weebly Add-on’s

for Mix-n-Match DivTag Themes

DivTag Weebly Add-ons are widgets, header plugin or splash pages that can added to your existing website to improve functionality and design.


of DivTag customers with Mix-n-Match themes uses add-on to further customize their Weebly websites! Push the limits and expand the possibilities with add-ons

Weebly Plugins

Header Plugins

A Header Plugin replaces your header image with an Interactive Image Slider, so you can insert important messages and images

Weebly Splash Pages

Splash Pages

A Splash Pages help you create a welcome page before visitors see your homepage. It helps you make great first impressions and greet your visitors with a WOW factor!

Weebly Widgets


Widgets  helps you improve how your content is presented by making it more interactive and noticeable, so your visitors will pay attention. It is placed in the content area and will blend seamlessly with your Weebly website

Weebly Element Skins

Element Skins

Weebly Element skins allow you to add a custom styling to basic Weebly elements like gallery, eCommerce product display, slideshow, and many more. The Skins will make the your elements pop!

Thank you so much Jeremy and Connie!  You helped us finally to have a website!  Thanks to your beautifully designed templates we can have a very professional website.  Since we are graphic designers, this is very important to us.  Your instructions and tutorials are wonderful – very thorough.  When I hit a snag you both went above and beyond to make sure I could do what I wanted.  In the day and age of extremely limited customer service, Jeremy and Connie you are a breath of fresh air. Customer service is very important to my husband and I as we also run a service oriented business – so nice to be treated like a valuable customer ourselves. Thank you also that the prices are affordable and the designs and options are many!! Thank you again!”

— Todd and Tracy Johnson, Owners, Circa www.circadigitalgroup.com


**Add-ons are only for Mix-n-Match DivTag Themes ONLY. All-in-one Themes already have all the add-on buil-in.